Heroes - the living weapons

This are a list of some of the heroes who you'll find in the game.

Sage the Life Forester

Once a brilliant scientist, Sage sensed alien forces on his world. Calibrating his detectors, he discovered the presence of unstable E-DNA, spreading uncontrollably. His warning to the Crogenitors was too late.
Powerless to prevent the invasion, Sage witnessed the destruction of his once-green world. Aboard a Crogenitor refugee ship, he repurposed his reforestation technology as a weapon, swearing to free his homeworld.
He spawned mobile, ultra-strong trees and Dendrones as his protection force. His metabolic disruptor slowed and damaged his targets, while his Rejuvenating Blast healed his allies. A force of emerald vengeance, Sage proved that the Darkspore could be beaten.

Class: Tempest
Genesis Type: Bio
Planet: Verdanth


Rejuvenating Blast: Heals Sage’s allies, ensuring they can fight longer, faster and harder.
Biodrain: Summons thick vines that ensnare enemies in an area and drain their life away.
Tree of Life: Spawns a tree that grows larger as damage is dealt nearby, then explodes in a burst of healing energy.
Dendrones: Swarming destroyers that both protect Sage and harm those who would get in his way.

Goliath the Energy Guardian

By legend, Goliath arose from one of Infinity’s ancient technomartial orders. But Goliath had no lineage: no master, no elite ancestors, no one to protect him when he himself had been a fugitive fleeing across the poisoned wastelands.
Then he discovered a devastating weapon—the Protonic Sword.
Confronting his hunters in open combat, Goliath obliterated them all.
Thereafter, Goliath pledged to defend all fugitives and exiles, sometimes holding off or defeating hundreds of attackers without a single ally save his invincible weapon.
Honorable, brave, and compassionate, Goliath is a symbol of hope for all who crave justice.

Class: Sentinel
Genesis Type: Cyber
Planet: Infinity


Energy Slash: Devastates a target with his energy sword, reducing their regenerative abilities.
Arc Weld: Jolts an enemy with a crackling bolt of electricity that arcs to nearby foes.
Cauterize: Swings his energy sword in a cleaving attack that brutally stuns all affected foes.
Disrupt: Goliath’s weapon continually emits a powerful current that causes all targets that it touches to be vulnerable to future energy attacks.

Arakna the Soul Collector

Few in the Nocturni Legion inspired the terror that Arakna did. Allies and enemies alike whispered her title, the Soul Collector.
Arakna could hurl
neurodisruptive hyper-pulses, or “soul bolts,” and strike with necrotic bursts. She could rip strategic secrets from even her mightiest opponents by tearing out their neuro-intellectual identities or “souls.”
For the souls of her final hold-outs
, Arakna reserved two terrifying fates: to be transformed into necrotic weapons against their own comrades, or fed to the throbbing thousands in her egg sack in unspeakable psychic agony. 


Class: Ravager
Genesis Type: Necro
Planet: Nocturna


Necrotic Lancet: Fires medium-range bolts of lethal necro energy.
Soul Collector: Collects the souls of every enemy killed, increasing Arakna’s damage and the potency of her other abilities.
Soul Volley: Launches a stream of homing projectiles that return health to Arakna upon impact.
Necrotic Burst: Radially fires a number of exploding necrotic projectiles based on the quantity of her collected souls.

Jinx the Dark Reaper

 Why Jinx joined the Nocturni Legion, the military force that conquered his people, was a mystery. But eventually he broke with the Legion and vowed to destroy its leadership, the Nocturni Eternals.
Jinx, and followers loyal to him, turned on their fellow commanders in a devastating betrayal. Employing powers he’d kept hidden from the Legion, Jinx hurled dark matter devastators—darma—like necrotic grenades at his former Legion-mates.
Taking his finest warriors with him back to their ancestral hives, Jinx sought to liberate his enslaved people. He might have succeeded, had the Darkspore invasion not forced him to change his target from worldly to interplanetary.

Class: Tempest
Genesis Type: Necro

Planet: Nocturna


Skullbomb: Fires a glowing skull at a single foe, delivering extra damage to terrified or cursed enemies.
Necrosiphon: Jinx channels a powerful ability that steals life-force from all nearby foes.
Curse of Weakness: Inflicts enemies with a debilitating curse that drains their attack potency and causes them to take increased damage.
Spirit Catcher: All of Jinx’s allies gain power whenever they kill an enemy nearby.

Blitz the Storm Striker

Gripped by a ravaging ice-age, Cryos seemed as if it could never live again.
But one reptiloid was determined to resurrect his world: Blitz, possessing the hyper-kinetic ability to fire beams of electrical vengeance.
He led his brood-mates on a vast trek across Cryos’s tragic, frigid wastelands. Losing nearly all his siblings, Blitz established an enclave in Cryos’s equatorial region that became the centre of Cryosi civilization.

Class: Ravager
Genesis Type: Plasma
Planet: Cryos


Voltic Strike: Physically assaults foes with quick slashes from Blitz’s dual claw weapons.
Ride the Lightning: Blitz takes the form of lightning to travel across space in the blink of an eye, stunning and damaging the targeted foe.
Charged: Blitz’s lightning energies flare up when he critically strikes, causing the attack to be incredibly damaging.
Plasma Wreath: Surrounds Blitz with orbiting lightning spheres that discharge when enemies are nearby.

Zrin the Sun Fist

Zrin was not always a legend. He was once a lowly criminal, rotting in a cell on Cryos. By the time the Darkspore conquered Cryos
Dying in his cell, Zrin received an incomprehensible visitor: a towering, terrifying apparition who with a touch brought him to agony. And then the super-being — a Crogenitor —simply vanished.
When Zrin awoke, as if by instinct, he melted the wall of his cell.
Zrin nodded knowingly, marched to a battlefield, and incinerated an entire Darkspore horde.

Class: Sentinel
Genesis Type: Plasma
Planet: Cryos


Sunfist: The power to melt or incinerate anything or anyone.
Pain Furies: Damage from direct attacks spawns Pain Furies that can finish off Zrin’s enemies.
Hardened Skin: Gives near invincibility - absorbs damage to make Zrin stronger.
Plasma Column: A cyclone of fire and lightning - the ultimate protection against attackers.

Meditron the Repair-Bot

An explorer, Meditron returned to his home island in the Nexus to discover the Darkspore had mutated every intelligent species into genetic slaves.
Horrified, Meditron fled using the Nexus’s teleportation matrix, but was finally shot down to crash in a crevasse called Iktotom’s Skull.
Safe within the Skull, Meditron calculated a plan. He repurposed his healing nanobots to be able to penetrate the central nervous systems of his hunters where they created an unbearable perception of pain.
His Darkspore hunters experienced such agony that they ripped themselves apart
And Meditron emerged to hunt any who hunted him.

Class: Tempest
Genesis Type: Cyber

Planet: Zelem’s Nexus


Nanoswarm: Launches a swarm of destructive nanobots that will home in on an unsuspecting target.
Syndrome Shift: Transfers negative effects on Meditron’s allies to his enemies and positive effects on Meditron’s enemies to his allies.
Reconstruct: Channels a stream of nanobots that heal an ally and temporarily grants them additional maximum health.
Sentry Drone: A small drone that constantly orbits around Meditron and fires laser bolts at his foes.

Magnos the Binary Star Sentinel

Like all members of his clan, Magnos possessed a superior ability to manipulate mass. But Magnos’s power came not simply by genetic lineage… but by genetic mutation. His body could feed directly from any source of radiation: cosmic rays, plutonium ions, or lasers. And in the ring, Magnos was invincible.
When the Darkspore conquered Zelem’s Nexus, Magnos and his mightiest opponents —the few he’d left alive—formed a devastating wrecking crew.
Combining their hatred of the Darkspore, their limitless endurance and their unmatchable quantum attacks, they ripped apart a Dreadnought with nothing but their armoured hands, and ripped a hole in the myth of Darkspore invincibility forever. 

Class: Sentinel 
Genesis Type: Quantum 
Planet: Zelem’s Nexus


Orbital Slam: Unleashes a gravity-assisted physical assault, dealing heavy damage to a single foe.
Gravity Well: Gravitationally launches enemies towards Magnos, wounding them based on distance traveled.
Kinetic Wave: Blasts back nearby enemies, with the gravitational forces harming the closest the most.
Resonance: Increases the damage of Orbital Slam based on Magnos’s defensive capabilities.

Vex the Chrono-Shifter

Unlike the other teleport techs on Zelem’s Nexus, Vex worked directly with Crogenitor Zelem, using himself as the testbed for their potentially lethal mutagenic experiments.
Unaware of the mutation’s full power, Vex accidentally teleported himself across Zelem’s lab… without using a teleportal.
Amazed, he began teleporting randomly, destroying Zelem’s lab. Growing more powerful with each ‘port, Zelem cheered Vex’s new-found power of temporal sabotage.
‘Porting away, Vex realized the strength at his command. When the Darkspore invaded, he fought them as an unstoppable, unpredictable teleporting warrior.

Class: Ravager
Genesis Type: Quantum 
Planet: Zelem’s Nexus


Time Lapse: Multiplies attacks against enemies - a single impact yields spectacular damage.
Temporal Strike: Warps time around enemies, slowing their movements, healing and weaponry.
Chrono Blink: A teleportation attack turning Vex into an unstoppable ambush-fighter.
Haste Field: Speeds the heal/reload response of Vex’s allies and decreases their reaction time.