Through the game you will "visit" five planets: Cryos, Zelem's Nexus, Verdanth, Infinity and Nocturna, and we already know this about Cryos and Zelem's Nexus:




        Arriving after Cryos experienced mass exterminations from a millennial ice age, the Crogenitors opened a “white hole,” a practically limitless supply of heat, to reheat Cryos’s core. But their results were unstable.
        Now volcanoes erupt through ice-crusted deserts and oceans while plasma bolts rip from surface to sky like rivers of reverse lightning.

        Most bizarre of all are the Hyro and Helo “oceans,” two plasma storms held in place via gigantic manipulation fields. Each supports an array of sunspot-like floating “islands” swarming with mutant life forms savagely compete for life.
        Despite the duration of their occupation of Cryos, the Darkspore have not yet discovered the hidden troves of ancient Crogenitor technology that remain buried there. Should the Darkspore unlock those secrets before the Neo-Crogenitor resistance can recover them, the mutants will exterminate any chance the galaxy has… for freedom.

Gameplay Description

        Crogenitors who brave the frozen wasteland of Cryos will need to prepare for an onslaught of Plasma and Bio Genesis Darkspore with a wide array of powerful abilities.

        Plasma enemies will assault the player’s genetic heroes with debilitating lightning attacks and fiery onslaughts, while Bio Genesis foes will mix things up with their mobility, sheer strength and supporting abilities.

        Players foolish enough to bring Plasma heroes will find the majority of their attacks resisted by the Darkspore.

        Those making it to the end will face off against Merak, the Devastator, waiting in his molten sanctuary.
         The Heros of Cryos are Blitz the Storm Striker and Zrin the Sun Fist (click here to see more).

Some Creatures 
Electron Burster (Plasma)

Blitz the Storm Striker (right) been attacked by Electron Burster (left).

        Electron Bursters have a vicious lightning bolt attack that will strike genetic heroes from afar. Because the lightning arcs directly and instantly from the Burster to its target, even the fastest heroes aren’t able to avoid it.
        One route is to stock up on the Deflection attribute, allowing the hero to shrug off energy attacks, but another is to maneuver into close range combat.
        Electron Bursters can’t build up enough of a charge to create lightning if their target is close, making melee heroes the perfect counter to this otherwise dangerous enemy.

Ballistic Quadrakiller  (Plasma)
Goliath the Energy Guardian (left) been attacked by a Ballistic Quadrakiller (right).
        What has four arms, three eyes, and can fire a savage salvo of lightning orbs at the nearest genetic hero? The Ballistic Quadrakiller, a Darkspore enemy that inhabits the icy world of Cryos, waiting to unleash barrage after barrage of lightning orbs upon unsuspecting prey.
        Its only weakness is that it falls into a state of exhaustion after each volley, allowing heroes to surround it before felling it with a flurry of blows.

Hydro Mantis (Bio)
Hydro Mantis

Zrin the Sun Fist (left) been attacked by Hydro Mantis (right).

        The Hydro Mantis when angered, will launch a cloud of seeping green gas that fills a small area. Anyone caught in the gas will promptly fall asleep, letting the Hydro Mantis close in before slashing the sleeping hero with its razor sharp claws.
         Range heroes will need to stay on their toes to avoid these poison clouds. In addition, the Hydro Mantis emits a powerful energy that causes any nearby Darkspore to immediately resurrect when they are killed for the first time, making it a high priority target that should be dealt with immediately.

Zelem's Nexus

Zelem's Nexus 


        Once the gentle planet Nakto, Zelem’s Nexus is a freakish array of orbiting islands held together by Crogenitor technology.
        The Crogenitor Zelem gave birth to his Nexus by opening a dimensional portal at the core of planet Nakto, shattering it. Zelem spent the rest of his life operating his gravity tethers to keep the islands from crashing into each other, or the orbital centre.
        When the Darkspore conquered the Nexus, they perfected Zelem’s gravity-wheel, stabilizing the Nexus as a staging area for galactic conquest.
        Their plan succeeded.
        The Crogenitor Insurgency must retake the Nexus to recover Zelem’s advanced technology. If purged of Darkspore control, Zelem’s Nexus could become the first monumental step… towards freeing the galaxy.

Gameplay Description  

        Zelem’s Nexus poses a challenge unlike any other thanks to an impressive assortment of Quantum and Cyber enemies.
        The Quantum Darkspore take full advantage of spacetime, whether they’re causing genetic heroes to forcefully teleport, blinking through space themselves to avoid an oncoming projectile, or manipulating time to speed up their already swift brethren.
        They are backed up by Cyber Darkspore, with a wide array of ancient technologies at their fingertips.
        Crogenitors who manage to brave their way through the traps that await them will, ultimately, have to face Polaris, the Gravity Manipulator, and overcome his powerful gravitational wells.
         The Heros of Cryos are Meditron the Repair-Bot, Magnos the Binary Star Sentinel and Vex the Chrono-Shifter (click here to see more).

Some Creature 
Sapphire Scorpio (Quantum)
Sapphire Scorpiod

Magnos the Binary Star Sentinel (left) been attacked by Sapphire Scorpio (right).

        These spider-like enemies are a true nightmare for anyone with even a hint of arachnophobia. They are blindingly fast, tend to appear in swarms, and can easily overwhelm a genetic hero who isn’t ready for them.
        Normally the way to deal with a swarm of small enemies is to unleash a devastating area effect ability, but these Scorpiods are able to shift partially into an alternate dimension, blunting much of the attack.
        The only consolation is that the effort that this requires causes them to slow down greatly, which can buy a troubled hero some time to come up with a new and more effective strategy.

Reparatro (Cyber)

Blitz the Storm Striker (right) been attacked by Reparatro (left).

        Silently hunched over Reparatrons are a common sight on Zelem’s Nexus. When a hero ventures too close to one, the small robot will whir to life before closing in and attacking from melee range.
        It is only when a nearby robot dies, though, that the Reparatron’s true purpose is revealed. They will converge upon the deceased robot, rapidly fixing a connection here, and some wiring there, until suddenly it surges back to life.
        Upon facing a group of Reparatrons, genetic heroes are advised to use any and all area effect abilities that they possess. Destroying them simultaneously will rule out the possibility that any get back up to fight again.
        An alternate strategy is for the hero to focus on the Critical Strike attribute, as fatal critical strikes cause Darkspore to explode violently, ending any possibility of resurrection.

Warp Spawne (Quantum)
Warp Spawner

Blitz the Storm Striker (left) been attacked by Warp Spawne (right).

        Like the Sapphire Scorpiod, the Warp Spawner is able to shift partway into an alternate dimension, but they have mastered the art of doing this permanently. Thus the floating Warp Spawner is unfazed by area effect attacks, forcing genetic heroes to deal with them directly.
        However they are not helpless against direct attacks, the Warp Spawner is able to spin rapidly and unleash a space distorting projectile that will warp any hero struck by it to a random nearby location.
        Melee heroes will find a great deal of frustration awaiting them as, time after time, they’re one step away from pounding a Warp Spawner when they find themselves suddenly far away again. Ranged heroes will find more success, and Sage is particularly effective as his dendrones will block the projectiles, teleporting here and there while Sage can freely unleash Rejuvenating Blasts.