Saturday, January 15, 2011

Classes and Heros

        Darkspore has three classes: Sentinel, Ravager and Tempest. These classes mainly define your role on the battlefield. Sentinels are generally tanks and are there to be the front line in the attack, absorbing most of the damage. Ravagers are quick, stealthy attackers that have high damage output but are also more fragile than Sentinels. Tempests are generally in the rear of the battle with their ranged & support abilities.

        Our archetypes break down into five "Genesis" types: Plasma, Bio, Quantum, Necro and Cyber. The Genesis types define the kind of abilities that each hero or enemy creature will have. Plasma creatures have high damage, AoE energy attack abilities such as Fireballs and Plasma Columns. The healing and crowd control abilities are mainly covered by the Bio type creatures. Our Quantum type creatures have abilities that can manipulate time and space. Necro archetypes excel with controlling & draining abilities such as Life Drain and Fear. And the Cyber archetype's abilities utilize traps and explosions.

Down here a exemple of hero that can be found in the game: (here are the list of others)
Goliath the Energy Guardian
By legend, Goliath arose from one of Infinity’s ancient technomartial orders. But Goliath had no lineage: no master, no elite ancestors, no one to protect him when he himself had been a fugitive fleeing across the poisoned wastelands.
Then he discovered a devastating weapon—the Protonic Sword.
Confronting his hunters in open combat, Goliath obliterated them all.
Thereafter, Goliath pledged to defend all fugitives and exiles, sometimes holding off or defeating hundreds of attackers without a single ally save his invincible weapon.
Honorable, brave, and compassionate, Goliath is a symbol of hope for all who crave justice.

Class: Sentinel
Genesis Type: Cyber
Planet: Infinity


Energy Slash: Devastates a target with his energy sword, reducing their regenerative abilities.
Arc Weld: Jolts an enemy with a crackling bolt of electricity that arcs to nearby foes.
Cauterize: Swings his energy sword in a cleaving attack that brutally stuns all affected foes.
Disrupt: Goliath’s weapon continually emits a powerful current that causes all targets that it touches to be vulnerable to future energy attacks.

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